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Minions Masters is an immensely popular game and is enjoyed by thousands of gamers around the world. There are have been many new releases for the game recently. Multiple changes, new buffs and nerfs, and a whole lot of novel content have been added to the game.

This leaves many players out in the cold when it comes to deciding which decks and cards they should pick. Choosing the right deck of cards is crucial in achieving success in Minion Masters and moving up the leader board rankings.

Here is our guide that will help you pick the best Minion Masters Deck to succeed in the game. Note that these Minion Masters Deck Builds apply to both 1-player and 2-player modes of the game.

The best decks for beginners listed here are all totally free. They are suitable for beginners as most of these are already present by default when the game begins.

1. Crossbow Guild Stormbringer

This deck is very easy to play with and is loaded with many common cards. It’s also quite easy to acquire and costs you only a paltry 800 Shards.

If you play this build, you try to use the low-cost cards to eventually be able to lay your hands on Living Statue and Crossbow Guild. You can then put the Crossbow Guild and the Living Statue on the bridge that will let you spawn more units. At this point, you would either win the game automatically or be in an insurmountably strong position.

If you find that you are short of Mana, you can annihilate your enemies in numbers with the powerful Fireball.

2. Overall Stormbringer Succubus

At 1100 Shards, this is an expensive deck to buy but worth every Shard. It is a powerful deck and encompasses many meta-cards which consistently feature in the best Minion Masters cards lists. Equipped with this mighty build, you will win most of your games if you play your cards right.

You can overpower most of your enemies with the devastating Stun Lancers, as many lower-division players do not have the know-how to counter these deadly strikes. You can tank like an immovable rock with the mighty Cleaver. Additionally, Cleaver also packs in quite a punch when it attacks.

This deck can be a very powerful build that beefs you up across all abilities. You can also modify it as per your needs to even further amp its powers.

3. Stormbringer Deck

This is one of most affordable decks in the game for beginners coming in at only a miserly 650 and 3.3 Mana cost. But let that not fool you into underestimating its power. This build kicks much above its weight in Shards and can put more expensive decks to shame if played properly.

You do not need any Supremacy or Legendary unit for this deck. This makes it very easy to set up and use. It is also one of the easiest builds to play. With just some routine careful play, you can even reach Masters elo very fast with this powerful build.

4. Best Minion Masters Deck for Advanced Players

These Minion Masters Deck Builds for Advanced Level Players are some of the most expensive top-end card decks in the game. You can get very powerful if you manage to build one of these.

5. Strong Mordar

This powerful deck lets you do both, defend and attack with equal panache. It can diffuse many enemy strategies and foil the craftiest of their evil plans. You can counter Colossus with the powerful Re-Boomer. Also, Re-Boomer negates Cleaver effectively with its powerful AoE damage that comes at dirt-cheap costs.

This is a reactive build that beefs you up to counterattack all your aggressive enemy moves. Once you grow big and earn enough Mana, you can then progress fast with Cleaver tanking your enemies and Xiao Long tagging along with his superior support qualities. You can also launch deadly airstrikes while negating your enemies’ air escapades with Wizard Puffs. The Mordar Deck is also reasonably priced at 8900 Shards.

On average, this deck costs only 3.8 Mana.

6. Control Settsu

This is a relatively cheap build and features many low-cost but effective units in it. It only costs you 5450 Shards and an average 2 Mana.

You try to control your opponents and put them into weak positions with this deck until the time you have accumulated enough Mana. Once you reach that position of advantage with plentiful Mana, you can then launch your A-game and attack by releasing multiple units on them. You continue these incessant pin attacks on both sides of the bridge until you slowly squeeze the last bits of fight left in your opponents.

This is a build that does not get you many flashy wins. It rather works its magic slowly but surely before your opponents even have the chance to see what hit them.

7. 2-Player Diona Deck

This build lets you control the Bridge perfectly. It’s also the best deck to pick when playing against Nyrvir. You need to have 1 Supreme and 4 Legendary Units to complete this deck. It is thus one of the costlier decks in the game. However, the deck is so powerful that you would not regret spending any of the 9050 Shards on it that it costs.

With this powerful build, you will easily counter most meta-Deck builds. This deck has the impressive Stormy as the aggressive pusher. The Diona 2v2 Deck requires a little patience both in building it up and also in using it. Most fights with this deck are long-drawn affairs but you will eventually come out on top most of the times.

Average Mana cost for the Diona Deck is 3.7.

We hope this guide will help you win more games with these best Minion Masters Deck Builds. Minion Masters Decks are incredibly versatile and filled with so many options that it does get overwhelming to choose wisely. Truth be told though; it is equally important to have the right strategy and gameplay even if you load your deck with Minion Masters best cards. Your tools are only as good as you handle them.

Now it is your turn to experiment with Minion Masters decks and let us know which build brought you the most wins in the game!

Top 7 Best Minion Masters Deck for Beginners (2024) - GameTaco (2024)


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