Dark Souls 2's most infamous area puts a stop to a FromSoftware no-hit level 1 God Run, as streamer's valiant marathon is "ended by memes" (2024)

Dark Souls 2's most infamous area puts a stop to a FromSoftware no-hit level 1 God Run, as streamer's valiant marathon is "ended by memes" (1)

A Soulslike streamer has had his brutal level 1 God Run of seven FromSoftware games ended thanks to Dark Souls 2 and its most notorious area, and a projectile that decided to ignore the fact that walls exist.

Challenge runs of Soulslike games are always popular – whether it's people smashing through the entirety of Elden Ring's new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC without using Scadutree Blessings, or even playing Dark Souls 2 without walking. However, perhaps nothing is harder than God Run 3 – the most recent iteration of an agonizing challenge which tasks players with completing all three Dark Souls games, as well as Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, back to back and without getting hit once. Fail, and no matter how many games you've completed, you're sent right back to the start.

God Run 3 is extreme, but not impossible. Streamer Dinossindgeil actually completed it back in 2022, but more recently he's taken things up a notch by doing it all again with a level 1 character, making him as weak as can be when fighting field enemies and bosses, and therefore making everything riskier. However, it wasn't a boss that ended his recent attempt, but a random mage in the Shrine of Amana that managed to defy all laws of reality and send a magic projectile at him through a wall, killing him instantly. Yikes.

In a heartbreaking clip, you can see Dinossindgeil deftly avoiding the mage's attacks as it relentlessly fires out long-range magic which could hit him from across the other side of the room if he wasn't careful. Attempting to escape the situation, Dinossindgeil retreats into a rocky tunnel behind him, which should have blocked any more projectiles from hitting him. The key word there is 'should,' because somehow, one inexplicably phases through one of the rocks on the wall, and hits him before he realizes what's happening. Considering he'd already completed both Elden Ring and Dark Souls 1 before this, a massive amount of progress was lost.

Another game 3 run ended by memesDark Souls 2 just keeps finding a way... pic.twitter.com/GY7PgGHGVmJune 17, 2024

Sharing his pain on Twitter, the streamer says the run was "ended by memes." Shrine of Amana has always been despised by players, and is by many considered the worst location in Dark Souls 2 – this 10-year-old Reddit post simply titled "f*ck the Shrine of Amana and everything it stands for," can tell you that much. In fact, when entering the area before his untimely death, Dinossindgeil had said: "Dark Souls 2 would be a better game if you removed this entire area." Perhaps it heard him and got angry.

Meanwhile, plenty of Soulslike enjoyers are fighting their way through Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and there's no doubt that it's tough even without any additional challenges. However, one player has been "robbed" of the final boss fight after a glitch inexplicably saw it take 32,000 damage out of nowhere, handing them the win. Some would probably call that lucky considering how difficult it is otherwise.

If you love Soulslikes, be sure to check out our list of 10 games like Dark Souls that will test your survivability.

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Dark Souls 2's most infamous area puts a stop to a FromSoftware no-hit level 1 God Run, as streamer's valiant marathon is "ended by memes" (2)

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Dark Souls 2's most infamous area puts a stop to a FromSoftware no-hit level 1 God Run, as streamer's valiant marathon is "ended by memes" (2024)


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